Are you doing click and collect?


Yes I am able to offer Click and Collect as well as posting your item to you.

When ordering through the website select collect from store at the checkout. No postage will be charged. Please indicate on your order which day you are arriving so I can ensure your order will be ready for you to collect.

The shop  34 Little Underbank Stockport. SK1 1JT will be open only for click and collect order on Friday’s 10.30am till 3pm and Saturday’s 10.30am till 4.30pm

You can message me via my Facebook page or you can message me via Instagram, if you have seen something on there and I can send you payment details.



If you are closed do I have to go through your website to order?

No you don’t have to go through the website, However it is the easiest and quickest way. You can pay by debit or credit card and with PayPal.

If you have seen something either on Facebook or Instagram, you can comment on the picture or DM me.

Or you can email me at

The shop address is  34 Little Underbank, Stockport. SK1 1JT

You can message me via my Facebook page

You can message me via Instagram.


Do I have to order from the website?

No you don’t have to order from the website, you can pop into the shop and buy from there. Please check my opening times before travelling. I would hate for you to arrive to find I am closed.

Please note I only order limited numbers of stock and very rarely re order the same items. This is to keep all our wardrobes as unique as us. But also there is so much fabulous clothing out there I want us to have as much choice of it all as possible.

If there is something you particularly want, but wish to come and try on first. Please message me and I will reserve it for you. This will be for a limited time which we can discuss.


Can I buy something on the website and collect from the shop?

Yes you can. Select COLLECT FROM STORE when choosing the postage during the checkout process.

Please check my opening hours, to make sure the shop is open when you wish to collect. Click here to see my opening times.

What is your returns policy?

Items can be returned within 14 days of purchace, with tags intact and in a resaleable condition.  

How can I contact you?

It is always lovely to hear from you and I welcome any questions about any of the clothes I sell.

You can phone me at the shop   0161 429 7126

You can email me at

You can pop in to the shop  34 Little Underbank Stockport. SK1 1JT

You can message me via my Facebook page

You can message me via Instagram.


Do you have a shop?

Yes I do. in the heart of the historic Old Town.

Cherry Girls Wardrobe 34 Little Underbank

Stockport SK1 1JT

If you are visiting Stockport by car. I am a short walk from the main shopping area Merseyway. and a short walk from the market area of stockport, using the carpark on Churchgate. Unfortunatly there is no parking outside the shop as it is a pedestriansed area, and you will recieve an immediate parking charge. Also there is extensive road works underway at the moment and there is full pedestrian access to the shop.

You can also get the bus in to Stockport town centre and the main bus station terminal is 10minute walk away. There are also many bus route that pass the town centre.

If you are travelling by train. Stockport Train station is a 10-15minute walk away.

If you have any queries about visiting please feel free to message me hello@cherrygirlswardrobe or phone the shop during opening hours and I can give you directions and advice.


What sizes do you stock?

I stock sizes 8 to 22 in most styles. Some styles may only go up to 18.

What brands do you stock?

I source the clothing from the retro brands I have been buying personally for many years. I often have recomendations of new brands and suppliler so if you have a brand you love and I don’t stock it shout up and I’ll see what I can do.

The brands I currently stock are


Hell Bunny


Dolly and Dotty

Miss Fortune.

Voodoo Vixen

Hearts and Roses

Lady Vintage

Freddies of Pinewood

Pamela Mann Hoisery

BeBop A Hairbands

Alchemy Jewellery


In the very near future I am hoping to stock Rock and Romance, Bows and Crossbones,

Can I try clothes on when I visit the shop?


Unfortunatly not at the present time due to the current goverment lock down restrictions.

I am operarting a click and collect on a Friday’s 10.30am till 3pm and Saturday’s 10.30am till 4.30pm.


What are your rules in the shop due to covid?


**Stockport has been placed in to tier 2 of the national Covid safety measures this means that you cannot meet people from outside you household or bubble indoors.** Please bear this in mind when you visit**

Face Masks or coverings are now required to be worn by both me and you. I won’t challange you if you aren’t wearing a mask but if you are able to please wear one. If you are a lip reader I will remove my mask, so please just ask.

There is a bottle of hand sanitiser just inside the door and I would request that you use some before touching items in the shop.

The shop is limited to 2 people in the shop at any one time. Due to the size of the shop this is to make sure you are able to social distance. If you are with 2 or more members of your household/bubble you are welcome to browse together. If you are with a friend who you don’t live with you must stay socially distanced and only 2 people will be allowed in the shop at any one time.

Whilst in side the shop there are clear markings on the floor indicating a one way system around the shop, this is to ensure a safe saocial distance between myself and you and another person in the shop. I would appriciate it if you could follow these markings.

If there are people in the shop when you visit please wait untill they leave before you enter. Due to this, if I see someone waiting outside and we are socailly chatting I will politely ask you to leave. I know we love to chat and this will be really hard not to do, so please stay aware that others may be waiting outside.

All hard surfaces including the outside door push plate and inside door pull, are wiped down with anti viral wipes in between every customer. The card machine is also wiped with anti viral wipes after I have touched it before you complete you card transaction, this is done in your presence.

Paying with cash is accepted. All cash taken is kept separate. All cash at the end of the day is wiped with anti viral wipes and all the cash is washed in hot soay water. You can be reassured the cash you receive in your change is clean I will also sanitise my hands before every interaction with you so there is no transfer.

At the end of each day all surfaces are wiped, the floor is mopped and the clothes are steamed as they hang on the rails. Clothing that has been tried on, for size check purposes only, will be quarantined for 24hrs and thoroughly steamed cleaned, before being returned to the shop rails.

Please lets work together to stay safe.


What are your shop opening times?


Tuesday 10.30am till 1.45pm

Wednesday 10.30am till 1.45pm

Thursday 10.30am till 1.45pm

Friday 10.30am till 1pm   2pm till 4.30pm Closed for lunch (I have to collect my little boy from school)

Saturday 10.30am till 4.40pm


** Please note** These time can change due to childcare. Keep updated with my latest hours on my Facebook page. Hours will be on the pinned post at the top of the page.

There is also a link to my latest hours in my bio on instagram too.

Can you order my size if you haven't got it?

Unfortunatly I cannot order single items and not able to order in your size if I don’t have it. However I order regularly so please ask about delivery times and I can put the extra item on, depending if the brand/supplier has it in stock.


Do I have to get a petticoat if I buy a dress?


No you don’t have to buy a petticoat when you buy a 50’s styled dress. They look just as fabulous without, but if you would like to enhance the hourclass shape silhouette. or want the fluffy floaty effect or want just a great excuse to twirl and swirl then a petticoat will be a great addition. Not all dresses and skirts will suit a petticoat depending on the skirt style and the pleat detail around the waist. If you are still unsure just ask when you visit or send me a message via

Do you make the clothes?

No unfortunatly I don’t make the clothes I stock, it would save me a fortune if I did. I don’t do alterations either. However I do know a fabulous seamstress based in Bramhall, Stockport. If you would like her details email me at and I’ll send you her info.

How do you choose what to stock?

I search a range of brands and suppliers and create a wish list. I  find it really hard not to have everything. I then start to take away the items that are very similar. I try to balance the ranges so I have a range of colour, styles and Items that will last longer than the one occation, items that have versatilitiy can cahnge with the seasons. I stay away from novelty prints and theme prints such as pumpkins or christmas trees or easter eggs as you are only abe to wear it at those times of the year, and will have to wear them repetadly to get some wear and value out of them. I belive in wearing clothes at all occations and throughout the year depending on your mood not what month it is. I love a dress or skirt that has pockets so that will go to the top of my list. And of course I only put clothes in the shop that I  love and would wear myself, I often get an extra one for me, for research purposes of cource.

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