Green Head Scarf


Green Head Scarf

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A head scarf is a perfect way to add a bit of rockabilly style to your 50’s look. It is also a great way to still look fabulous when you are having a bad hair day.

Use it to hide your rollers when setting your hair, or to hide your hair in between sets to give your hair a rest from using lot’s of products. Use it to cover your roots between visits to the hair dresser, which at the moment is a few of weeks away. Use it to keep you hair tame while growing out your bangs or when your growing out your style and it’s not quite long enough to tie up.

They are also great to protect your hair from the bleaching and drying effects of the sun when in you garden, or out for a walk.

You can even use it as a neck scarf to add a little western style to your outfit too.

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